The Student Engagement Process

CSU Executive Order 1102 and Cal Poly University Policy: Alternative Consultation Policy for Campus-Based Mandatory Student Fees guides how Cal Poly engages the campus community for campus-based fee adjustments (in this case, the Cal Poly Opportunity Fee).

The alternative consultation process is designed to share information with students to assist them in developing an informed opinion on the fee proposal. The university may use alternative consultation to obtain advice from the student body on a proposal to establish or adjust a campus-based Category II fee.

Staff from the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, the Financial Aid Office and other offices and departments will facilitate the alternative consultation process by providing relevant information to students and meeting with campus groups to discuss information about the fee proposal. Students are asked to share their ideas and opinions either electronically or in writing by the end of the consultation period on March 14, 2018.

How Students Share their Opinions

These are the ways students can submit their comments regarding the proposed Cal Poly Opportunity Fee:

  • Following CSU policy, students can submit one comment online through the student portal by the end of the campaign period or in writing at one of the open forums
  • Students participating in group presentations can provide additional comments, either collectively or as individuals. Feedback can be given to Cal Poly staff during the presentation or sent via email or in writing through March 14.

Summary of Guidelines

  • Registered students will be given an opportunity to indicate their support or non-support of the fee proposal.
  • Student leaders functioning as a body will be given a separate opportunity to indicate support or non-support.
  • The university shall make educational information available to students online and include an objective statement produced by the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC). Copies of this information shall be available to students 30 days prior to the collection date of student input.
  • There shall be a minimum of two general forums for students to ask questions regarding the fee proposal and voice their opinion. The times/locations of these forums must be publicized at least 14 days in advance.
  • Student input may be collected verbally, online or written. Comment cards shall be limited to one per eligible student.
  • The President has delegated to the Vice President of Student Affairs the responsibility of ensuring that the exchange of information is done in a civil manner and that the collection of student input is done in a consistent and objective manner.
  • The results of the alternative consultation process will be summarized into a report and will be among many points of consideration reviewed by President Armstrong. If approved, the new fee would be implemented in fall 2018.

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